We are sad about the death of our companion Zenaida Mique from the Philippines, who since 1990 has gone with us all ways across the world …………… to women, men, children in villages, towns, forests and on the edge of gold mines in Ghana….. with small businesswomen in Central America….. home in the Philippines, again and again Zenaida hostess and as coordinator of CIL international programs…..in the USA and in Europe.

At this point we would like to praise Zenaida not only for her commitment to human rights, which had led her through the whole country in the past weeks to pay the long overdue compensation to Marcos victims or their families.

In our memory, we also want to keep alive the early suffering that made her a widow after the birth of three children; then many years in community work, herself a political prisoner during martial law under Ferdinand Marcos, professional engagement in women’s organizations, coordinator of the Christian Initiative International Learning e.V. (CIL) in the Philippines.

For the CIL project “Climate Change in Everyday Life”, which began in 2016, Zenaida was able to involve a women’s group on the island of Samar, Oras, Brgy.Bakolawe, whose homes had all been destroyed by Jolantha in 2013. This group participated with a workshop and subsequent activities of cleaning the beach. The group also created its own text for the documentation.

We thank you, dearest friend, for the life you have shared with us.

We grieve for Zenaida Mique

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